All the cool tikis were there… (or): My daughter really knows how to throw a party… part 2…

a 1

I love that my older daughter threw a party that was tropical-themed… because it let me get all my tikis out…

a 1 a

Yes, there is… uh… okay, I don’t have a name for that one… but I love it.

a 2

That is the ‘having a bad day’ tiki…

a 3

Happy Buddha tiki!

a 4

There is my crazy. Pop-eyed Coyote tiki.

a 5

He is hanging out below ‘Angry Elvis’ tiki.

a 6 a

There is the tiki that is going to look exactly like me… when I finish him… me…

a 6

He… I… am hanging out with some of my… our… friends.

a 7

Yes, there were yard-flamingos too… don’t judge us…

a 8

I think I will start calling him ‘Slim’.

a 9

I call that one ‘Popeye’… I like the gold tooth.

a 10

Scary Mouth and the Friendly Ghost!

a 11

Halloween Totem, Eagle Totem, and Easter Island Head… by my awesome Fire God fire pit… I didn’t make that, it was a Father’s Day gift.

a 12

It was also a chance to get out the ‘Cornhole’… (Google it)… game boards… which I made for my older daughter’s wedding just a while ago. The great thing is that the initials are the same for my daughter and my new son-in-law, so that’s cool.

a 13

And we played the Giant Jenga game I made for the wedding too.


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