The many moods of San Francisco… the final chapter…

a 1

All things considered, my experiment with taking pictures of San Francisco with a big zoom lens, while using a tripod, worked fairly well.

a 2

I just wanted some photos of the city lit up at night, without the bouncing effect that I usually get when I hold the camera, but the darkness keeps the shutter open for longer. As you can see, it is an improvement, but gusty winds still produced some movement.

a 3

The ones where I wasn’t zoomed in so tight were better.

a 4

What I really need to do is stop being lazy, and learn how to adjust the shutter speed myself, instead of using the automatic settings.

a 5

But I am lazy, and if I learn something new, and don’t do it very often, I forget how.

a 6

Oh well.

a 7

I still had fun, and that is a good photo of a garbage can.

a 9

Well, that is pretty much it for my latest adventures in the Bay Area. Next, we say goodbye to the City by the Bay, and I start driving South. Don’t worry, I did some new stuff and some cool stuff. I drove different routes, saw cute kids, met a cool dog, and got diverted because of a huge landslide and a big fire.


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2 Responses to The many moods of San Francisco… the final chapter…

  1. I think the pictures still came out great. Night shots are always a challenge; whether you’re in a boat or on level ground; sober or not; etc.

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