We came groovin’ up slowly…

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Okay, I swear this is the last post for today, about my big San Francisco adventure a couple of days ago…

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I will finish off with the top picture of me, and that picture of Big Johnny, in a room splashed with color… at that 60’s exhibit at the museum we went to. But tomorrow morning, I am going to explain exactly how this trip to the museum… and the past… tied in with what Big Johnny and I did after we left there… which will include much drinking of beer…

a 3

Because Eva, Johnnie’s wife, and Willie, his son and my godson, dropped the two of us off someplace interesting… that has very much to do with the 60’s… and that is how this all ties together… oh, yeah.

a 4

So, our favorite part of the museum exhibit, as I may have mentioned, was this white room that only contained furry bean-bag chairs, where they projected tie dye and color bubbles on the walls.

a 5

They also played some good sixties music.

a 6

Once again, I was ten-years-old when the sixties ended. But I can tell you this about the sixties…

a 7

They didn’t start at the beginning of 1960 and they didn’t end at the end of 1969. Just like the seventies weren’t neatly contained within a ten-year period spanning a decade. It was a thing… a happening… a feeling…

a 8

Why does John look so happy?

a 9

Love. And maybe that was what the sixties were about. I know for a fact that is what the seventies were mostly about… at least for me… or I wouldn’t have spent so much time looking for it. HA!

a 10

Okay, tomorrow I will move on to the next phase of my San Francisco adventure, and then, I have to leave, and I have to stop on the way back to San Diego, to see my two little cousins… and their mom, my slightly bigger cousin.



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