Sixties, schmixties… that dress is funny in any generation…

a 1

Just sayin’…

a 2

Well, sorry, Willie, but if you stood still, you wouldn’t be blurry… sheeeesh… four-year-olds.

a 3

I know, you don’t really care about a museum exhibit about the 60’s, and I know, I am doing too many posts today.

a 4

But I am leaving my mom’s house in the Bay Area tomorrow, to drive back to San Diego… with a brief stop overnight in Santa Cruz to see my two adorable little cousins…

a 5

And I have crack squirrels living inside my head… so…

a 6 a

Ooooh… I do like that purse!

a 6

And actually, now that I think about it, it doesn’t really make sense to rush, because I need to explain how this 60’s museum bit ties in with the rest of my adventure in San Francisco, and I will probably get interrupted by my leaving, so… uh… yeah…

a 7

There are Big Johnny, Eva, and William… groovin’ to some 60’s tunes.

a 8

That might have been the best part of the exhibit. A plain, white room, with furry bean-bag chairs strewn around, where they projected tie dye colors on the wall while playing classic rock.

a 9

So, yeah, man, lighten up, we can get through this.


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