A tiger, a gorilla, me, my daughters… random photos, that would be a good title for this post…

a 1

I am just clearing out some of my photos, in preparation for something I am doing tomorrow, so here is the last picture I took of the tigers when I went to the San Diego zoo with my little buddy, Olivia.

a 2

And a picture of my daughters, taken some time ago. If you look carefully, you might spot some of my tikis.

a 3

Uh… okay… a selfie I took on Maui, during our second honeymoon adventure.

a 4

And a selfie I took last time I was in the Bay Area not so long ago, which is funny, because that is where I am going again tomorrow!

a 5

Another zoo picture, and I am sort of proud of that one.

a 7

My daughter, Jessica, and I, at the renaissance fair, taken last year in Arizona when I went out there to visit her.

a 8

And my favorite picture from her wedding… see, I am doing the ‘Wallace and Grommit’ happy hands!!!



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