I had a really good tiger day… the final chapter… and I saved the best for last…

a 1

These are the last photos… almost… of my recent trip to the San Diego zoo with my two-year-old buddy, Olivia. I may have told this story before, but once, when my nephew was little, we went to the zoo, and, as usual, the tigers were hiding or sleeping. We sat on the ledge under the window where I took these more recent photos. I had a feeling like someone… or something… was watching me. I turned around, and a tiger had his face pressed to the glass directly behind us. I mean, I was inches from his face. I could see the little, white hairs on his tongue. Some deep, lizard-part of my brain… that was too primitive to understand tiger-proof glass… sent a strange message to the rest of my brain.

It said: Don’t even try to run, it will just make the pain last longer.

a 2

This tiger was pacing just a few feet away from us, and there is still a chill that goes up your spine. There is a fantastic chapter about zoos… both human and alien, and how they came to be, in the second book of my action/humor science fiction series of novels… just sayin’…

a 3

Yes, we saw lots of animals that day…

a 4

But it is always special when the tigers come out to play.

a 5

And Olivia does love the zoo.

a 6

And so do I.

a 7

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

a 8

And I did save just a couple more, that I will share sooner or later, and maybe do some cool stuff with them first.


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12 Responses to I had a really good tiger day… the final chapter… and I saved the best for last…

  1. Simon says:

    Awesome animals… That young lady is a bit cute. How was she with the animals?

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