It isn’t about Trump and his minions anymore, it is about the republican establishment enablers…

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If you still think trRump is doing a good job, then you are either so brainwashed by FOX Alternative News, or have such an amazing ability not to let facts enter your cranial cavity, that nothing I say is going to make any difference.

This has gone beyond worrying about how tRump got elected, or how he hasn’t been fired yet. I can even understand… and almost sympathize with… his minions and toadies who owe their jobs to him, and spend all their time trying to explain what he just said or did in a way that makes sense to people with brains and morals.

No, now this about the rank and file republicans who pretend to be working for the American people, and caring about their safety. Yes, I’m talking to you, you spineless, animated phlegm statues! You corrupt, suppurating swamp-dwellers who can’t work up the courage to stand up to the idiot you helped create. If you all turned on him, he would be powerless. If you all took a stand for decency and this country you claim to love, you could prove to the world that you are still actual people and not just politicians.

But no, you make excuses for him, you enable him, you hide behind his power and try to gain some sustenance from it, and when he takes this country down, you won’t just go with him. You will have to admit, at least to yourselves, that it is partly your fault. That you could have stood up to him, but you didn’t, because you liked to nibble on the little crumbs of power that he dropped while you scampered around him like diseased rats.

I hope your children are proud of you… and I hope your grandchildren will be alive long enough to have to try to explain what you did.


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37 Responses to It isn’t about Trump and his minions anymore, it is about the republican establishment enablers…

  1. HA!!! You just gained a follower! I love it! You are funny and SPOT ON! This country is in shambles thanks to that Cheeto-faced, pussy grabbing, blowhard!

  2. Great post! I hope lots of them lose their jobs in the near future!

  3. chris jensen says:

    You have not given up…

    i will have to give you that much for trying…

    Face it you´re wrong and you know it!

    Besides you´ll probably lose followers with statement like that…


    Keep an eye on your hit count, an those that follow…..

  4. chris jensen says:

    Reblogged this on deletedangel and commented:
    Such a mouth, from an honest soul…

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