Some bad pictures of a good sunrise, that I took with my bad camera, in a bad way, and for a bad reason that has some good aspects to it…

a 1

Okay, so I left San Diego at 3:30 this morning, to beat the traffic in LA, and to maybe catch a sunrise for you… because I know you hate to get up that early. Yes, I took these while I was driving… which is bad… and I used my old camera, which takes bad photos in dim lighting. Also, the reason I was driving through the pass of the mountains to the North of LA as the sun came up is bad. I had to go visit my mom. No… that isn’t why it’s bad… shame on you.

a 2

At my older daughter’s wedding just a few weeks ago, I joked with everyone… an old joke that I still love… that I liked wearing the suit for something other than funerals and court appearances. Well, since then, I have been to one funeral for a close relative of my wife’s… never mind who… and I am now sitting in my mom’s living room because there is another funeral I have to go to tomorrow. Yes, two since the wedding… and no… I don’t have any court dates coming up, as far as I know… yet.

a 3

A neighbor that I have known my entire life has passed away. He fought in World War Two, and was a great guy.

a 4

The good news is that I get to spend a few days with my mom… when she gets back from wherever the heck she is… She has quite a social life for someone creeping up on 100 years of age.

a 5

Anyway, I need a shower and a nap. It is a beautiful day here in the Bay Area. Not a cloud in the sky, and about 80 degrees… oh yeah. I will have photos of any adventures I have, babies or dogs that I meet, friends that I see, and whatever else catches my fancy. Between that, I will do some of my regular, weird posts, work on the last few chapters of my newest novel, maybe do some watercolor painting, and other things.

a 6

Oh, and as I was driving through the long, boring Central Valley, I saw this weird bar of smoke… or skinny dark cloud… or flock of birds… or… something. I really should have put the battery in the good camera and put it on the seat beside me like I usually do.



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2 Responses to Some bad pictures of a good sunrise, that I took with my bad camera, in a bad way, and for a bad reason that has some good aspects to it…

  1. It’s amazing how some people don’t get together until someone they all know dies. This used to happen to my parents all the time. I can’t recall the number of situations where a relative or old friend passed away, and my father would say something like ‘we need to get together,’ or ‘you need to get together.’ And everyone would concur – but never do it. Until someone else died.

    • I agree, but I did talk to him during mu Christmas visit, and all our family visited them. My brother, who lives with my mom, helps… helped… them out all the time. But I do know what you mean. You have to say what you need to say while you can.

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