Who knew porcupines were so freekin’ cute???

a 1

I mean, I watch the nature channels, and go to the zoo, and go out into the wild… and I still didn’t know.

a 2

They are quite good at climbing as well.

a 3

And their teeth, it turns out, are bright orange… from oxidization… which is basically rust.

a 4

But yeah, it turns out that porcupines are adorable.

a 5

Maybe it is because I never got so close to them before… or maybe it is the way they sit up like fat little dogs and hold food in their little hands while they cram it into their little faces.

a 6

All I know is that we had a great time getting to know them during Mollie’s surprise trip to the animals sanctuary. No, I’m not photobombing. I had to cut my wife… and most of me…  out of the picture, because she still doesn’t want to be in the blog.

a 7

The porcupines don’t mind being in the blog.

a 8

I think they know how cute they are.

a 9

Okay, one more post about the porcupines, and then we get to the animal that made Mollie cry with joy.


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9 Responses to Who knew porcupines were so freekin’ cute???

  1. weggieboy says:

    This video includes a porcupine making those cute sounds.

  2. weggieboy says:

    I love the cute sounds the make, too

  3. 1jaded1 says:

    The second to the last picture has an “if you come any closer, I will stick you.” look in her eye.

  4. SD Gates says:

    I didn’t know porcupines could climb, or that they had orange teeth. That’s really interesting.

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