Babysitting… now with extra babies… part 3…

a 1

Okay, I know I am posting a lot right now. I am going through all my old blog posts. I am doing this because I am in charge of finding good pictures of Jessica and Jason for their wedding which is coming up soon. I am also looking for posts that are cleverly worded enough to justify turning them into something that I can send into online magazines and anyplace that might publish them, to give me more material to use in my query letters to literary agents. It would look good if I had more references… so to speak.

a 2

So I have been finding a lot of funny pictures that I decided to share again. But I still have all these pictures that I took in La Jolla the other day too.

a 3

So if you feel overloaded, just ignore all of it… or just look at the pictures… or just read the words… or whatever…

a 4

It is all groovy.

a 5

It is all cool.

a 6

We will get through this.

a 7

Just relax.

a 8


a 9



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