Stop telling us you are the ‘real America’, tRump supporters!!!

Because you aren’t. This country was established under the premise of freedom of religion for everybody, not just white Christians. Yes, we had slavery, but we fought a war to end it, and then fought political battles to make all people equal under the law, because that is the way the majority wanted it.

We aren’t strong and great because our armies can beat other armies. We are strong and great because no one else uses their military as often or as effectively to come to the aid of other countries that are suffering a famine or natural catastrophe.

I’m sorry if we are leaving you behind. I’m sorry if you think things were better in the ‘good old boys’… whoops… sorry… I mean: ‘good old days’.

Most Americans want the LGTB communities to be treated fairly, for minorities and immigrants to be included in the American dream, for women to be treated as partners in life, for the poor to be able to rise out of poverty and the sick to be healed.

I’m sorry if this means you might have to give up a few things. I’m sorry if this might cost you a few dollars in taxes. I’m sorry if this means you aren’t first in every line anymore.

Someday, the world will look back on this time as the last, dying gasp of people who put themselves first above everybody else, no matter the cost to their own country or morality. If you want to go down in history as one of the dying breed of Archie Bunkers, then go right ahead. You are putting a speed bump on the road to a better world of brotherhood and togetherness, you aren’t derailing the train. Every year, more children who want an inclusive society are born, and every year, more dinosaurs die off. This is the evolution you don’t want to believe in. We will be a mixed-race society of open-minded people, and you can’t stop it. You can’t make all the people who are different than you, or disagree with you, vanish. Hitler tried that, and the world rose up and crushed him like the cockroach that he was.

Maybe you aren’t a racist, or a sexist, or a homophobic, or a moron, but you voted with a lot of people who are those thing. I didn’t.

And you know what else? You are better off now, at the end of Obama’s presidency, no matter how much FOX news or made-up online news or your own fear are telling you you aren’t. And you won’t be, by the time this new guy gets out of office.

So enjoy it while you can.



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