Saying goodbye to my mom… no… she isn’t dead… we just left her in the Bay Area…


There she is, that feisty ninety-something-year-old… playing our antique player piano… the cardiovascular workout of the early 1900’s… with one of the tikis I carved for her looking on, bedecked in its Christmas finery!


We spent our last night in the Bay Area playing poop games, given as Christmas gifts, and drinking… because that is how the Brownes roll!!!


While my wife, younger daughter, her boyfriend, and Uncle Sid were at a 49ers football game on that last day, I drove down to the bay for a few last pictures.


Now that is a proper background for the Golden Gate!


A gratuitous picture of a bird, because I had the zoom lens on.


I hope you have enjoyed all these posts about our latest adventure in the Bay Area. I shared our bizarre double Christmas ritual, three days of sightseeing in San Francisco, our godson, a science museum, a day trip to Berkeley, animals, food, and fun.


There will just be a few more posts of some artsy pictures I took in San Francisco, just for you… because I am artsy… and I was in San Francisco…


And then I can get back to making fun of Mr. Trump… (at least until I get locked up in a camp somewhere)… and… ummmm… doing whatever else it is that I do around here… which is whatever the hell the crack squirrels that live in my brain tell me to do!


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6 Responses to Saying goodbye to my mom… no… she isn’t dead… we just left her in the Bay Area…

  1. Miriam says:

    Sounds as though you had a good time. Glad your mum’s still alive and kicking!

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