Nothing says Christmas like an ugly sweater… so my family must really love me, right?


You know what else says Christmas?


Santa socks and fake, fluffy snowballs for indoor snowball fights. No, those aren’t my feet. Those are Mollie’s feet. It is also a good sign when your 17-year-old daughter and your 26-year old daughter still dress up in the matching Christmas jammies they got last year…


Jessica’s legs are crossed, just so you know. Her feet aren’t on backwards. Another thing I love is that the girls still get as excited about Christmas as they did when they were little.


There are Jessica and Jason… soon to be married. Hey, I’m taking your picture, dude. Look up… you aren’t part of the family yet… you need to pretend to be polite to me still!!!


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14 Responses to Nothing says Christmas like an ugly sweater… so my family must really love me, right?

  1. It’s quite a blessing when they still do and feel all these, during times when everybody grows and moves on.

    Jason is just being original with you. At least, you know what you are getting already.

    Hope the season goes well with you?

  2. List of X says:

    Don’t be so hard on Jason, he’s probably just reading what you’re writing about him in your blog.

  3. Elyse says:

    That sweater is more or less how I look going to work every day. So I don’t get the joke…..

  4. chris jensen says:

    Egg on the faces, looks good on you!


  5. That definitely would be a top contender in the Ugly Sweater Contest. I like that you’re wearing it so proudly. Merry Christmas, Art!

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