Wtf, wordpress… where the hell did the reader tag topic wall thingies go???

So, I just finished catching up on the wordpress sites I follow, you know, like I do, and to get there, I always hit the ‘reader’ button. When I finished, I looked to the left to find the tag-reader-wall things… I don’t know what they are called… you know, when we do a post and we add tags, like ‘humor’ or ‘art’, these are those pages… or walls… or whatever… where those tags send them.

Well, I no longer have a list of my favorite wall/pages/whatevers… there is now a thing called ‘discover’ that has sites we bloggers supposedly like… but where the hell are the tags we add taking us?

Am I just being a computer moron again? Help me out, people!!!

I like the wall things. I go to the humor wall and the art wall and make random clever comments on posts there, and often lure unsuspecting victims… uh… I mean… new followers… back to my secret lair. I know, I was complaining that the humor wall was often just filled with mostly one or two stupid blog sites that just reposted the same thing over and over again… but seriously, is wordpress trying to drive all of us away?

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4 Responses to Wtf, wordpress… where the hell did the reader tag topic wall thingies go???

  1. List of X says:

    I’ve not used tag reader in years, but their Discover section that seem to be the new Freshly Pressed made me stop checking out new FP (or Discovered) posts.

  2. Tippy Gnu says:

    I’m with you. The “Discover” button doesn’t do much for me. I preferred that big tag cloud with the most commonly-used tags on it. This new setup makes it much harder to discover and be discovered, in spite of its name.

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