Real life Barbie… part 4…

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Yes, we were all super proud of ‘doctor’ Barbie, but have they put out a Barbie who works at a minimum wage job in the fast food industry making so little money that she can’t afford to eat where she works?

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8 Responses to Real life Barbie… part 4…

  1. Paul says:

    They used to let employees and vendors eat for free in the back room. Seems to me I heard that they were discontinuing that. Sad. years ago I drove transport for a bakery in Moncton New Brunswick who did all the buns for McDonald’s in Eastern Canada. Heck of a contract. Anyway, McDonald’s private carrier – Martin Brower – picked up the buns and added them to their restaurant deliveries. Sometimes they would have a huge special – say a second Big Mac for $1 – and MB couldn’t keep up. Then the regular trailers (including me) – who delivered to our bread terminals – would have to pick up the slack and we would leave the bakery with half the trailer with just mcdonald’s buns for store delivery. It was always a night delivery and they would feed us we wanted to eat when we delivered at the back door. It was a hard delivery as the buns had to be manually unloaded as we didn’t have the ramps and such that the MB drivers had.

  2. axiomaticentity says:

    Did somebody say …e coli?

  3. What would she be called? Mac Barbie?

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