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Even more shameless self-promotion…

I just went into a little custom T-shirt shop near my house and ordered a shirt with this original design… I had it printed on a white shirt, so that is just about what it will look like. I threw in … Continue reading

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Well, I feel simply awful about this post… but it does sort of illustrate how my weird, crack squirrel infested mind works…

Like all my weird ideas, this started off harmlessly enough. My friend over at:  http://notapunkrocker.wordpress.com/  did a cute little post about some cute little penguin stickers that she had stuck on the back of some of her Christmas letters to … Continue reading

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Oh yeah… I just ordered my new business cards…

My older daughter, Jessica, help me design that. I am particularly proud of my now official title as: ‘Muckraker’. That was my idea. And ‘shenanigans’… who the heck doesn’t like shenanigans?

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