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Well, my mustache seems to be missing…

Yup… the one I have had since I was 14-years old… when I first realized that, A: I could grow a mustache, and B: that my mouth naturally forms into a quirky, smug little smile that makes me look like … Continue reading

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I knew I forgot to do something…

Now that I have… temporarily… shaved off my mustache, I should really change my little cartoon version of me… where is my cartoon razor? So… does he look younger too?

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Julie, this one’s for you… sorry about that…

Okay… this will be a good example of how the crack squirrels that live inside my head operate. I have this friend named Julie. She follows my blog, even though she doesn’t have a blog of her own, and she … Continue reading

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I know you were all worried about me shaving off my mustache, but look, it’s okay, I grew a new one in just two days…

Well, the truth is, that isn’t a real mustache. They were having ‘free Slurpee day’ at 7-11, and I took Mollie down there, and we remembered that we had been seeing billboards all over town advertising the ‘mustache straws’. So … Continue reading

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Holy crap… I really do look like Ed Hotspur…

Okay, here is me with my new haircut and my mustache shaved off… And here is Mr. Ed Hotspur… There are worse people to look like than this awesome blogger… who you can visit at:  

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The Hastywords war… Part 14…

Okay, no more messing around. It is time to show Hastywords that by putting my head on her body she made a huge mistake!!! Remember this lesson, ladies. Any time you put my head on your body, or your body on my … Continue reading

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The wedding… Part 4

Just a few more random pictures of my friend’s wedding. Here are Jessica and Mollie… And here they are again… I think I mentioned that they handed out fake stick-on mustaches… And, as usual, my kids can pull off the … Continue reading

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