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Trump’s America: A slowly evolving horror story…

He owns the supreme court now. Things are only going to get worse. Advertisements

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The perfect vice president for Trump… Dick Cheney…

This really would be a good horror movie… because I doubt this pair would stop at torturing supposed enemies of America, and eventually move on to just anybody who disagrees with them… or does posts like this about them… uh … Continue reading

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A tale of ultimate terror…

They shambled and lurched about me, the hulking husks of once-living souls, like the wrecks of ghost ships floating aimlessly on a restless sea. Dull eyes focused on nothing, they bided their time with the endless patience of the damned. … Continue reading

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Unnamed story… The End…

THE END by Arthur Browne Oh boy. Sleeping on the cold, hard ground again. Well, come on. Wake up. Let’s get the show on the road. Another day, another death. I feel you trying to go back to sleep. Wait … Continue reading

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Unnamed story… Chapter Six…

The Zeus by Arthur Browne      Stop shaking me. I’m awake. The alarm took care of that. Hey, I’m in a real bed again. It isn’t a big bed. Our eyes popped open. The bed was rocking. Am I … Continue reading

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Unnamed story… Chapter Five…

The Scanner by Arthur Browne Nice. Waking up in a warm, soft bed. I can’t even remember the last time… oh, hello, somebody is in the bed with me. A warm hand with long nails is caressing my… our… belly. … Continue reading

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Unnamed story… Chapter Four

VAMPIRE by Arthur Browne What the hell is going on? Open your eyes so I can see. Major Tucker kept his eyes tightly shut. He needed time to gather his thoughts. He had to make his captors think he was … Continue reading

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