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Hey, if tRump makes things really bad… just sayin’…

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Awww… that is the cutest moose I have ever seen!!!

***Note to all Canadian followers… I know that isn’t a real moose***

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Oh, I’mbuma lumbumajack, but I’mba otay!

I guess you will either get this one or you won’t.

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Dear Canadian minions, followers, friends and people I haven’t met yet…

Just to let you know, if this country ends up electing another Bush as president, I am coming up there to live… So save me a spot… Just in case…

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Minion appreciation week… part 5…

A special shout out to my Canadian minions… You know who you are… Not sure why I am so popular up North… might just be because they are all trapped inside by snow for two-thirds of the year and they … Continue reading

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Where are all my Canadian minions today… Namibia has tied you for views… is it some kind of beaver or moose related holiday???

And speaking of stats… I want to thank you all again for helping me achieve this milestone the other week… I mean, that just looks so cool.

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Oh, Canada…

Now that my computer no longer has a virus, I just wanted to do something silly in Photoshop. I didn’t know where I was going with this one, but now it makes me think of a friendly, waving moose… and … Continue reading

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And now… another random thing that I just made up… today is International ‘Type Like A Canadian’ Day!!!

People of the world, hear me! You too can join in the fun and experience the awesome thrill of typing like a Canadian… and it is pretty easy to do. You just add the letter ‘U’ into words where it … Continue reading

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Sorry about that last post… that was too many of me… and it turns out that makes Canadians dizzy…

That last picture I did offended the senses of Trent, my head minion. So I fixed the picture of me(s)… so it looks more like a totem pole… Canadians┬álike totem poles, right? I seem to recall seeing them there when … Continue reading

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The human race… part 1… (or) I guess Canada doesn’t love me as much as I thought…

Okay, this is really still part of the last two posts I did… I am having a race, a contest, to see which country can bump up my stats the fastest in the next day or so… or until I … Continue reading

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