What a long, strange trip it’s being… part 9… (or); The perfect amount of snow, the perfect amount of horses… part 1…

That is a happy man. It is also a happy horse.

And that is some sparkly snow.

Me, my daughter Mollie, and her boyfriend Ben, enjoying a trail ride in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The day before we went riding, it snowed.

Ben and Dewey. And Mollie and Foxy.

I have always said that I like my snow just like I like my tigers. Close enough to drive to and look at, but not in my yard.

Mollie getting double horse snuggly action.

It is okay. This isn’t my yard. It is the yard of the house we rented to come see Mollie start her nursing college classes.

We hung around the place where we went on the trail ride after the ride was done, and they let us help put the horses away in the corrals.

Snow flowers.

Looking good, Ben.

I ended up in the background of Mollie’s selfie.

You may have noticed that this is number 1 in my snow/horse set of posts. So, stay tuned for more snow and horses.


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