What a long, strange trip it’s being… part 1… (or); Well, I’ve been through the desert in a car with no name…

I am on a little road trip/adventure, which is why I have been too busy to post. I am seeing parts of America. I left San Diego, California to head to New Mexico… where I am posting this… to celebrate my younger daughter, Mollie, starting her nursing college courses.

That first picture was out of order, taken back in the big Saguaro cactus country of Arizona, later on my first day of driving. I suppose I will do these in order for a while, just to mix things up. First, the mountain range behind (East) of San Diego, and the crazy rock formations. If you have been here on the blog a while, you remember this stuff from previous visits to my older daughter, back when she lived in Arizona, before moving to New York.

Once again let me say… DO NOT take photos while you drive. I was a professional driver. Also, I have gotten good at keeping my camera on the seat beside me, picking it up, flicking it on, and just pointing it out the window and clicking a few shots. Later, I clip the good images and discard the bad ones. Don’t do this. It is stupid.

Also, you end up with window glare, and motion blur, and other problems.

Heading down the back of the mountain range, descending into the real desert.

You pass real sand dunes.

And wide open spaces where the tumbleweeds grow. It was windy for lots of the drive. I saw a lot of tumbleweeds.

I saw a really big dust devil.

Some of the drive is boring. Some is awe-inspiring.

But I do love the giant Saguaro cacti.

You really get a sense of how big America is when you drive through the dry parts.

In front of the hotel where I stayed at the end of the first day, there was a Saguaro in front of some palm trees. That sums up the South West pretty well. Okay, see you soon with the next leg of the journey. And it will be more interesting than you think.


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