Is the world going to end because of stupidity???

You know, If the world ended with an asteroid hitting us, I could accept that. A nuclear war brought about by panic, well, not great, but believable. Alien invasion, sure, why not. I could even deal with a virus that wipes out humanity before the scientists come up with a cure.

But if we all die from a virus that we have a cure for, because too many idiots refuse to get vaccinated, and variants multiply and get worse and worse, that is just ridiculous.

If we all die a slow death from the effects of climate change because too many people in a position to do something about it are afraid to anger their base, that is just pathetic.

And if we keep putting more of those cowards into positions of power due to restrictive voting laws passed by those very same people, that is just evil.

Deniers and stupid people are going to kill us all, and we need to build a wall and put those people on the other side of it.

If you are in a lifeboat, and a guy says, hey, we need water. We should chop a hole in the bottom of the boat and make a well, you don’t sit around debating with him and his supporters about the merits of the plan. You tie the idiot up and keep an eye on him.

Just a suggestion.


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6 Responses to Is the world going to end because of stupidity???

  1. dolphinwrite says:

    The article and title go well together.

  2. bwcarey says:

    good point, the options, we the fools, voting for each of them, but rest assured, the themes of the ancient prophecies are being played out, are we compassionate or not, amen

  3. Exactly! I remain perplexed by how so many people are enthralled with Donald Trump. They must be truly delusional. I just can’t understand that mindset. My own mind can’t stoop that low.

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