The adventure… part 16; Moving on to some more mammals…

I left Moro Bay early in the morning… so this would be the start of day 4 on that handy map I posted in an earlier post… heading North.

So we say goodbye to the adorable otters.

Look! I did get one shot of a mom with her pup on her tummy. That is a big pup, so probably from last year. A late bloomer, so to speak.

Bye, clean, sleepy little sea mammals.

Goodbye ground squirrels or whatever you are, although I saw many more on my adventure.

Goodbye Moro Bay, with your huge looming rock and triple smokestacks that I don’t think are making smoke anymore.

Goodbye, teeming flocks of seabirds.

Highway 1 veers inland for a short while, and I stopped to take some pictures, like this one of an old building.

And some of trees covered with Spanish Moss.

I like Spanish Moss.

Hello, Mr. Bull.

Then, we are back on the jagged Central California coast. There is one beach where the elephant seals breed. I always stop there when I do the much longer coast route.

I have no idea if this breeding season is already over and the bulls are just letting off residual energy and staying in practice, or are starting to fight for dominance.

But either way, that is one seething pool of testosterone right there.

Join me later as we get to know these fascinating creatures. I like them so much I even created a character in my sci-fi novel series that looks like them.


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