The adventure… part 4; Where the heck am I???

I mean, I know where I am physically. This is why I hate doing an adventure series of posts in order. It is like time traveling. I am, in real life, drinking coffee in a hotel room on the central California coast.

This is the start of the fourth day of my adventure, but only the third that I am actually traveling.

Which explains why we are looking at pictures of a Binturong from that animal experience my family got me as a father’s day gift, at the San Diego zoo.

So much has happened since we saw that giant African porcupine.

And I do mean giant. Look at those spines.

I guess I could show less photos from earlier in the trip, but you know I never waste photos, especially of animals.

So we will time jump like Dr. Who.

And we will press on.

Oh yeah, into the weird unknown future.

Hey, they said the flamingos sometimes groomed people I wanted to get groomed by a flamingo. Don’t judge me.

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