Another daughter through college… sort of…

This is why we fixed up the yard. Mollie graduated with her degree in nursing studies with a focus on disabilities.

So proud… now we just need to pay for med school… sigh.

My daughters are way smarter than I am.

Life could be worse.

Two thumbs up, little Mollusk!!!

Oh yeah.

That look… again…

Serious photo.

Not so serious photo.

Mollie is almost as good with kids as me. HA!

But they still love me more.


It is hard to say.

But any photo of Mollie and my little buddy Olivia is nice.

Yeah yeah, we love their parents too.


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2 Responses to Another daughter through college… sort of…

  1. Congratulations, Mollie! We need more people like her in health care! She’s probably good with kids because she has a lunatic for a father! LOL! But I know you folks are proud of her, and so am I!

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