My mom’s garden: Dew-kissed roses in the morning…

No, that dew isn’t fake dew from my spray mister-bottle! I took these in my mom’s backyard, in the Bay Area, where I am staying for a week…

Okay, I am not staying in the backyard, exactly. I am actually sleeping in a motorhome out in front of my mom’s house. Because of the pandemic, and the fact that my mom is 97-years-old.

We are socially distancing, so we sit in the backyard and watch birds and look at flowers.

Considering the time of year, the flowers… and the birds… are doing quite well.

She doesn’t get out much, so she wants me to drive her car around, which means Bay Area adventures and lots of photos.

This was a good way to start my first day.

Okay, fine, Mother Nature makes better dew than my fake stuff.

But it isn’t as reliable.

So yeah…

Get ready for lots of pictures of sunsets, birds, flowers, maybe dogs, and the Bay Area.

Because that is what you are going to get.

See ya!


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