Spring has sprung…

a 1

Raindrops accumulated in tiny flowers…

a 2

That says Spring to me.

a 3

Among other things.

a 4

The little flowers I call ‘banana flowers’ are blooming at work again.

a 5

New leaves budding on a tree at sunset.

a 6

Leaves bursting out all over.

a 7

The first little rose in our garden.

a 8

There were some cool clouds the other day.

a 9

Whispy clouds.

a 10

I like whispy, stretchy clouds.

a 11

Clouds are cool.

a 12

The sun continues to set each evening, despite everything.

a 13

And hawks… well, they will keep on flying…

a 14


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2 Responses to Spring has sprung…

  1. Simple, but nice. Thanks, Art.

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