New York City… day 1… part 5… 9-11 ground zero…

a 1

The new World Trade Center Tower is amazing. When you look up at it from below, and are standing close to it, it seems like a highway that disappears into the sky.

a 2

Supposedly, it was designed that way.  There it is, reflected in another building.

a 3

The two reflecting pools, carved inside with the names of the victims, are literally ground zero, built in the footprints of the twin towers.

a 4

A phoenix, rising from the ashes.

a 5

And soaring into the heavens.

a 6

There are other tall buildings to look at.

a 7

I took this picture through the window of the 9-11 memorial museum. That is a piece of the steel skeleton of one of the twin towers.

a 8

It is a little strange visiting this site of tragedy. There is a hush in the air, no matter how many people are there. Business still goes on, life goes on, but there is a collective realization that this spot is important, a dark part of history.

a 9

Time to move on. We have a city to see.

a 10

We had only walked around the corner when we saw this fire station.

a 11

I don’t know for a fact that this station was here on 9-11, but if it was, or, even if it wasn’t, these men embody the spirit of those first-responders who gave their lives.

a 12

You gotta love firemen.


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