More random photos to clear off my phone…

a 1

Actually, I think my wife took that one, but it is a good shot of our two dogs and our cat.

a 2

Our dogs practice being cute.

a 3

And they dream of being firehouse dogs, I guess.

a 4

My wife took that one. Hey, I work nights, and they won’t let me nap!

a 5

That isn’t even my dog.

a 6

But all dogs… and babies and horses… love me.

a 7

My friend, the red tail hawk, who hangs around where I work.a 8

The Blue Angels also hang around where I work.

a 9

Our cat practices looking deep in thought.


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2 Responses to More random photos to clear off my phone…

  1. One can never go wrong with photos of dogs (and other animals). I love the couch photo. They’re being so good, even though they really want to play and can’t quite understand why you’re ignoring them.

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