Faces in the darkness… part 1…

a 1

Okay, so sue me, I made the title of this series more melodramatic than it needs to be. These are more of those pictures I take with my phone when I am walking around work late at night, and I see the moon peeking through some tree or other.

a 2

Then, I go into Photoshop, copy part of the photo that looks like an eye and part of a face…

a 3

Copy that part, paste it, and flip it over, before aligning it with its other half. If you look closely, you will often see strange face-shaped images that appear down the middle of these mirror images by pure chance. Like in the very first photo, I see a human skull with tusks.

a 4

Also, the entire image often looks like something. That one makes me think of a goat… a devil goat. I should have added slitted pupils.

a 5

That might be an angry elephant?

a 6

A preying mantis? A warthog? A triceratops? This is like a freekin’ Rorschach test.

a 7

Ummm… I got nothin’ on that one. It does remind me of some tribal art I have seen.

a 8

Okay, that one looks more like a warthog… a warthog wearing a fez.

a 9

Nice kitty. Okay, see you back here soon to see what the crack squirrels living in my head make me do next.


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2 Responses to Faces in the darkness… part 1…

  1. Oh wow! Some of those are really creepy! More, more, more!

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