Wet webs and digital magic… part 5…

a 1

To be honest, some of these are not digitally enhanced so much as just cropped to a small portion of the photo.

a 2

But I found a new web that was in direct sunlight.

a 3

So I misted that sucker with my patented ‘fake dew’.

a 4

I am still trying to get a photo of the water gleaming like diamonds.

a 5

But when I zoom in, they are still a little blurry. I am talking about really small droplets here.

a 6

See, that is nice, but I want the whole rainbow, not just the sparkle.

a 7

But it will happen sooner or later, just like my perfect picture of a dog shaking off water will happen.

a 8

I will keep trying, and until then…

a 9

I will probably continue to do stuff to the pictures to make them more interesting.

a 10

Because you know I hate to waste a fairly good photo.

a 12

When I can share them with you.

About pouringmyartout

You will laugh at my antics... That is my solemn promise to you... Or your money back... Stop on by...
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7 Responses to Wet webs and digital magic… part 5…

  1. These spider web photos are very creative and inspiring, Art. I know those poor arachnids must feel tortured and belittled. But, at some point, everyone must suffer for the sake of the creative arts.

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