Some world-class roughhousing…

a 1

This group of photos shows what happens when two almost-two-year-old-boy-twins go head-to-head with their almost-five-year-old sister.

a 2

I am hoping to hear from the World Wrestling Federation about a sponsorship deal.

a 3

She almost has one of the twins pinned!

a 4

But this is a one-sided tag team match up…

a 5

His partner circles, looking for an opening, while their dad just looks like he wants to take a nap.

a 6

The action moves to the couch, which is never a good thing.

a 7

The ref sends them back to the center of the ring.

a 8

I know, it looks like they are not really moving… but trust me… they are.

a 9

There are no posed photos here. This is ringside action.

a 10

Okay… I don’t know what that move is called.

a 11

But I am pretty sure that is a reverse kung fu donkey kick to the spleen!

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2 Responses to Some world-class roughhousing…

  1. weggieboy says:

    A most enjoyable post today! Lots of fun and the kids are cuter than puppies or kittens!

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