In which my cat expresses her viewpoints on modern society… a series of pictures telling a story…

a 1

I caught my cat watching the TV yesterday. She looked quite concerned about the underpinnings of our economy, the wage gap, and the threat to middle-income families.

a 2

She did seem to be slightly hopeful that our home state was at least working on the problems of infrastructure and job growth.

a 3

She is obviously a supporter of fair wages.

a 4

But shed is a bigger supporter of breakfast food, it turns out.

a 5

Any breakfast food…

a 6

Especially pancakes…

a 7

Particularly if they come with a free beverage, and as long as the servers and cooks are paid a fair living wage.

a 8

Uh… no, sorry, cat, that isn’t the number we call for pancakes.

a 9

Then she totally freaked out when the picture went away for a brief moment. I assume she thought that the cameraman wasn’t getting paid enough.

a 10

Then the political news came on…

a 11

And she was like; ‘seriously???’…

a 12

‘I am so outta here’…


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