Light and darkness, stillness and movement… experiments with photography… part 1…

a 1

I suppose that this post isn’t really ‘part 1’. It is a continuation of posts I have been doing involving experiments with low-light photography, light, reflection and refraction… I am pretty sure those two are not the same thing, but I don’t know exactly what the difference is…

a 2

I took a lot of photos in a dark kitchen, involving various objects that have various properties that react with a light source.

a 3

Sometimes, the object was moving, sometimes, I was wiggling the camera.

a 4

I just don’t feel like explaining the whole process over again every time I post a few more of the photos.

a 5

You can go back and look at the older posts if you are interested.

a 6

Oh, and I am also throwing in a few shots I took with the digital microscope that my daughter got me for Christmas.

a 7

Because they are really just close-ups of one of the objects in question.

a 8

I guess there is one other thing to mention.

a 9

I am saving some of the best of these images.

a 10

And when I am done posting the rest of them…

a 11

I will probably use some digital magic to enhance the ones I save, and then post those new images.

a 12

I like to think of that as ‘light recycling’.

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