A weird, busy day at work…

a 1

My job as a private security officer manning one of the gatehouses at an exclusive private community keeps me on my toes.

a 2

A lady in a mini van took the entrance turn a little fast, and ended up plowing up some ice plant as her vehicle crossed over some of our landscaping.

a 3

She went in between a sign and a rather sturdy tree, and missed a car that was stopped for a left turn by mere inches.

a 4

And then, between calls to dispatch our roving patrol cars to remove rattlesnakes from various properties, the radio lit up with calls about an overturned car on a street near the seventh hole of the full-sized private golf course.

a 5

All I can say about this is that, if you are parking your car on a steep hill, set the freekin’ parking brake… especially if you are going to leave your mother-in-law in the vehicle.

a 6

Poor people continue to try to infiltrate our borders by air… which is weird, because I looked it up, and the cheapest balloon rides are like 500 dollars.

a 7

Those poor people want to get in so bad that they are spending their lottery ticket money just to get over the fences.

a 8

But it was a nice sunset.

a 9

Just for the record, I mock the poor because I am one of them.

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6 Responses to A weird, busy day at work…

  1. I hope you managed to settle yourself down after such a chaotic day.

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