Some random photos of me in my private security officer uniforms…

b 1

My younger daughter, Mollie, took these photos before I went to work this weekend.

b 2

As I said in an earlier post, when I did the training to become a security guard, thus adding yet another position to the long list of jobs I have had in my life, I pictured myself wearing a badge… not a blazer. I wasn’t expecting my first posting to be at an upscale private housing development.

b 3

I mean, up to this point, suits were worn only at weddings and funerals. I also smudged the monogrammed logo, for security reasons.

b 4

Fortunately, I work the swing shift from 2 in the afternoon until 10 in the evening. When it gets dark, I get to switch over to the bomber jacket with metal badge… and lots of pockets.

b 5

Yeah, I know, I look good in a suit.

b 6

But I feel cooler in the bomber jacket.

b 7

Oh, yeah.

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8 Responses to Some random photos of me in my private security officer uniforms…

  1. laciejay says:

    You look really good in the suit. I wish my husband could pull off a suit as well as you do.

  2. List of X says:

    I would have thought you would warmer in a bomber jacket.

  3. Ah, a man in uniform. When my husband worked security, he had all those outfits, too. I used to love that “soft” look – in his case it was a nicely tailored navy jacket with tan pants. Very smart looking.

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