No, that isn’t a camera angle trick… that margarita was really that big…

a 1

But I am getting a little ahead of myself, as I finish up the last of my recent adventures in Los Angeles, where my wife and I went a few days ago, to see that comedy show.

a 2

So, earlier that same day, the day after the show, when my wife and I were driving around Hollywood, we ended up here… at the Griffith Observatory.

a 3

As I have shown, there were some fantastic views of L A… wait… is it L A, or is it LA? I should really look that up on Google.

a 4

You could also see the Hollywood sign in the distance, but I already showed you pictures of that from much closer, when we were driving around in the Hollywood Hills.

a 5

As I mentioned in the last post about this adventure, the observatory has a tie in with a famous old movie.

a 6

It also does regular, observatory-related things… like observing the orbit of Uranus…

a 7

I apologize for making fun of Uranus.

a 8

Undoubtedly, other movies scenes have been filmed here, but the most famous are the parts of Rebel Without A Cause.

a 9

So they built a monument to James Dean… but those empty eye sockets are creepin’ me out…

a 10

Oh yeah, that’s much better.

a 11

On our way back to San Diego, we stopped in the historic Olvera Street district, an important part of the Hispanic cultural heritage of L A… LA…

a 12

Which brings us full circle back to my giant margarita, and a sizzling steak fajita platter… oh yeah…


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6 Responses to No, that isn’t a camera angle trick… that margarita was really that big…

  1. Of course the margarita was that big, Art. Of course it is. Now, get hold of yourself and lay down for a few hours.

    And it should be L.A. LA is the postal code for Louisiana. But, after such a big-ass margarita (from your perspective), who cares?!

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