Detours: A California adventure… part 14; Driving South on California’s Highway One…

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We have reached the last day of my epic, three-day, detour-filled driving adventure, coming home from Christmas in the Bay Area. I had that delightful day-long stopover to visit my little cousins in Santa Cruz. I left them early in the morning, and continued my drive, stopping at every view spot I could find.

a 2

I know, I do this whenever I drive on the coast… but the views look different every time.

a 3

And I never get tired of the drive.

a 4

But there is a reason why I keep using the word detour… and the word adventure…

a 5

And that reason is this…

a 6

California’s Highway One is closed.

a 7

I don’t mean all of it… but it doesn’t go all the way through anymore… at least, not for now.

a 8

You see, there was a huge rock slide months ago… I mean, like, part of a mountain came down and washed out the twisty, two lane road.

a 9

You should Google that. The highway is going to be closed for another year. Or more.

a 10

Mmmmm… the redwoods near Big Sur. Okay, so, I hear you wondering to yourself, why, if I knew that the road was closed, was I still going that way… despite signs saying there was no way around the roadblock? Why didn’t I just cut inland from Santa Cruz? And why, after asking a few locals, who all said there was no way to keep going… did I keep going?

a 11

And, to be honest, when I stopped getting a cell phone signal because of the mountains, and therefore had no way of updating my Google maps, even I began to wonder why I kept going.  But this is what an adventure is. If you knew how it was going to turn out, it wouldn’t be an adventure… it would just be a drive.

a 12

And I almost did give up… but then, a park ranger told me that there just might be a way… although, under no circumstance could hen recommend that I take that way.

Oh yeah! That had adventure written all over it.

Join me soon for the next installment.



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3 Responses to Detours: A California adventure… part 14; Driving South on California’s Highway One…

  1. Sometimes, adventure awaits on roads less traveled. So do serial killers and rock slides, but that’s a different topic. Great photos!

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