I swear we are almost done with the four-headed giraffe thing… the final chapter…

a 1 a

This is one of my favorite filters in than free online website I am always trying to get you guys to use to spice up your blogs. It is called ‘groovy rainbow’, and is under the ‘animations’ menu.

a 1

Yes, it turns my silly ‘four-headed giraffe with gratuitous ostrich heads’ picture into the closest approximation of growing up in the Berkeley side of the San Francisco Bay Area during the sixties and seventies that you can get from a free photo manipulation program… but it also works on your photos of your family, or vacation pictures.

a 2 a

Once again, I am throwing in a few variations of this picture I did, with different backgrounds, just to highlight how the effects work in different ways on each picture you upload to ‘Lunapic.com’… which, once again, is free and very easy to use.

a 2

Just go in there, upload a photo, and start playing with the menu options.

a 3 a

Two or three clicks, and then you just download the new image right to your computer.

a 3

And, just so you know, I am still doing these same things to those photos of the glass pieces I made at my glass blowing lessons.

a 5 a

Because the only thing cooler than making art, is making the art into even more artsy art, am I right?

a 5

Of course I am. My name is Art… and I am all art-side-of-the-brain.

b 1

But look! Even without a fancy background, this is still a cool effect.

b 8

Now, I am going to go stick all these on Facebook… to make my friends worry about my mental health.



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