Dog play afternoon…

a 1

Sorry, but that is a ‘WTF’ face if I ever saw one. For the most part, Shiloh and the new puppy get along famously, as they say. But the puppy has sharp teeth, and Shiloh has bony legs.

a 2

Shiloh also has a gentle soul, and never plays too rough.

a 3

She lets the puppy think he is winning a lot of the time.

a 4

Even when she really just wants to take a nap, and the puppy won’t stop chewing on her.

a 5

You know how dogs are. One minute, they are just standing there…

a 6

And then it starts up again. And Shiloh doesn’t always let Koa win.

a 7

And then they take a nap.


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11 Responses to Dog play afternoon…

  1. Dammit, I miss having a dog!

  2. Yay! More puppies! Sometimes dog look like they’re fighting, as do many other animals, but in reality, they’re playing. They’re just one of the greatest animals on Earth!

    • You should go down there and look at all the hundreds or so dog posts I have done. I think they have their own category in my wordcloud.

    • Also, play is how they train to hunt.

      • Oh yeah! I know just about everything regarding canines. They first evolved in North America several million years ago, along with felines, equines, ursids and various other mammals.

          • Yes, according to evolutionary data, they all did. For years paleozoologists believed all mammals descended from Creodonts – a group of small, meat-eating creatures that first appeared in North America about 100 million years ago, during the Mesozoic era. But now, they believe mammals actually evolved from Cimolestids (or Cimolestes) much further back in the Mesozoic, about 248 million years ago. Either way they were mouse- or rat-sized critters that were obviously around during the waning days of the dinosaurs.

            Then, about 55 million years ago, during the Eocene Epoch, a carnivore called Miacis arose in North America. They evolved into Hesperocyon, or Hesperocyoninae between 38 and 26 million years ago. Hesperocyoninae is traditionally regarded as the direct ancestor of dogs.

            It’s truly a fascinating history, which is actually still ongoing; that is, more research is clearing up the evolutionary record. If you’re really interested, check out the following books:

            “Dogs: Their Fossil Relatives & Evolutionary History” by Richard Tedford & Xiaoming Wang,
            “New Encyclopedia of the Dog” by Bruce Fogle,
            “The Big Cats and Their Fossil Relatives” by Alan Turner & Mauricio Anton,
            “The Horse in Human History” by Pita Kelekna.

  3. Too cute! Thanks for sharing!

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