We got a new puppy… sort of… part 1…

b 1

I will fill you in on the details later. Right now, we are pretty busy because Mollie is leaving for college on Tuesday… sniff… stupid allergies…

b 2

And yes, I know, we already have an awesome dog, Shiloh. There is the puppy with his sister. Once again, more on all that later.

b 3

Right now, just enjoy the first of many puppy pictures!

b 4

Because you know there will be a lot of them for a while.

b 5

That is our… sort of… new puppy, on the left.

b 6

His sister is pretty cute too.

b 7

Her snout is darker. And when I tell you their mix of breeds, you will be surprised.

b 8

But our puppy gives hugs.



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9 Responses to We got a new puppy… sort of… part 1…

  1. chris jensen says:

    So you like picking up dog shit,

    or don’t they do that in America?

  2. I absolutely LOVE dogs! In case you haven’t figured that out from the title of my blog. WOOF!

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