The most adorable couple I saw at Comic Con…

a 1

I know, I am actually back in the Bay Area… after starting in San Diego, going to the Bay Area, going back to San Diego for Comic Con, and now I’m back to see the Hamilton Musical… and I still have pictures from the last time I was in the Bay Area… and Comic Con… and I am going to start making more pictures of this adventure… so… uh…

a 2

The most muscular couple I saw at Comic Con… and no, I am not assuming they are an actual couple, but there are two of them.

a 3

The main thing is that peace has been declared between the Spartans and the Gnomes… thanks to Captain Beard Man!!!

a 4

One great thing about Comic Con is that, if you walk around enough, you will be able to get pictures of strange groupings of costumed people. I don’t know what is going on here, but I know one thing…

a 5

All these people have been practicing their poses at home in front of a mirror.

a 6

Ummmm… okay…

a 7


a 8

That’s a cool costume. I haven’t seen that movie yet.

a 9

That guy does look a little like Captain Kirk… and that has to be his son… pretending he doesn’t know him.


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4 Responses to The most adorable couple I saw at Comic Con…

  1. Al says:

    He looks remarkably like Shatner. And Captain America is … uhhh … yeah

  2. I think Comic Con somehow merged with the International Porn Stars Convention. Or did you “accidentally” merge them? Either way, looks like everyone came out on top!

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