The Princess War… or maybe: The Princess Rebellion…

Okay, so I have to change the title of my new novel from ‘The Seven Kingdoms’, and so far, the two in the title of this post are the top contenders. Here is the blurb I came up with, to add to my letters to literary agents. I will still self-publish the novel if I don’t get a real publisher to pick it up before I finish editing. Please give me some feedback.

Also, I hope you have enjoyed helping me with the book. Designing the cover is an ongoing progress, and we will get back to that. And feel free to come up with new title ideas after reading what I wrote below.


The Princess War


A young princess flees an unwanted marriage, but only after delivering a painful and very personal injury to her betrothed prince, when he makes unwanted advances. She soon discovers that her former fiancé’s father is bent on ruling all the seven kingdoms. Princess Hildread Halfmoon and her growing band of loyal friends barely manage to stay one step ahead of the growing Skull empire.

The Skulls are using new weapons never before seen in the ritualized and mostly-bloodless warfare of earlier times. They have also mobilized their entire population towards this dream of conquest. Soon, only one kingdom, ruled by a strange but sly old queen, still stands free, and the growing resistance army must hold the kingdom long enough to make and learn to use the new weapons, as well as creating some new weapons of their own. A handful of young princesses, a new-made boy king, and an outnumbered army of barely-trained men, must battle the full might of the Skull empire, and turn the tide of war, to take the fight to the enemy and free all the kingdoms. And the three youngest princesses, triplets from the kingdom of Flame, have a unique gift that might just hold the key to victory.

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6 Responses to The Princess War… or maybe: The Princess Rebellion…

  1. You could try going with Hildy’s War or Hildread’s War when you eventually get to titling it.

  2. Kenneth T. says:

    I wish my wife would try to publish the book she wrote. She wrote it for the kids (not for the very young, more for young adult, – a ghost story with mention of slavery). I even mention to her about self publishing, but I don’t know.

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