My daughter Mollie… and I am only going to give the back story on this once, so read the first post…. part 8…

***Special ‘My mom and Mollie’ edition***

a 1

My mom and my daughter, at a train station… somewhere in England. I’m sorry if you are getting sick of these posts, but I am reliving our European adventure of two summers ago, and enjoying seeing the wonder on Mollie’s face as she sees Europe for the first time.

a 3

My mom and Mollie, on a horse-pulled carriage to see a castle. Mollie is always that happy… my mom is almost 94-years-old… so… uh…

a 4

Neuschwanstein castle.

a 5

Our old family burial plot in a small church in the English countryside. There is cousin Dot! I have done posts about her. We stayed at her house for a week, She also came and visited us is San Diego… seriously… have you not read my whole blog yet?

Historical note: Our family back in the UK did not have the ‘e’ on the end of our last name. That was a clerical error when we moved to the US. It makes us sound fancy, so we kept it.

a 6

Cousin Dot and her house… seriously, go back and read old post about our trip to Europe… or their visit here… or any old posts, for that matter.

a 7

My mom does like her liquor.

a 8

Mollie’s very first sip of beer ever. I showed a picture of the face she made after this in an earlier post in this series. It is hilarious. She did not enjoy it… and look at my mom. HA! Also, this is that same beer hall in Munich that Hitler used to hang out in with the fledgling Nazi party.

a 9

My mom and Mollie, on a boat… on the Seine river.

a 13

Whoops… my mom is not in that one.



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4 Responses to My daughter Mollie… and I am only going to give the back story on this once, so read the first post…. part 8…

  1. List of X says:

    I don’t think “e” at the end of “Browne” was a clerical error. I think the immigration just thought that with that British accent from ye olde country your ancestors couldn’t possibly just be regular Brown and had to be Browne.

  2. I have to say your daughter is absolutely beautiful! And it’s obvious you two are close. Please tell her to take care of herself: don’t smoke, don’t drink too much alcohol, don’t eat too much fast food, and don’t watch “reality TV.”

    I also noticed your mother is smiling brightly holding that giant glass of beer. Who can blame her? Bier ist gut, ja?!

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