The very last photos of my daughter’s wedding… you know… unless you want to see what the place settings looked like or whatever…

a 1

There I am, with Jessica, doing the daddy/daughter dance. We danced to a song I used to sing to her when she was little. It is called: The Dippy Doo song, and I wrote it. I mean, I write songs with real words, you can hear and see them by clicking the button in the top bar called something like: My Original Song Videos. But this one just has the words dippy and doo repeated over and over to a catchy little tune.

a 2

A friend of mine helped me record the Dippy Doo song with awesome musical tracks that swelled until it was an entire orchestra. He even made my voice sound better. When Jessica was little, she would stand on my size-15-feet while we danced. She did that again. It hurt.

a 3

Obviously, the best part of the Dippy Doo song is the dip at the end of each verse.

a 4

They even gave me a microphone during the toasts. Jessica asked me in advance to write something down, so I would’t just ramble. I did. And then, I went off script…

a 5

Hey, we all knew it was going to happen. And I am good with words, and everybody loved it. In fact, some older gentleman from Jason’s side of the family said it was the funniest thing he had ever heard at a wedding.

a 6

I took a photo of the professional photographer, while she was taking this photo of me. I still think my pictures of that day are almost as good as hers… except hers have more me in them. (Thanks again,¬†Kristina Adams Photography!).

a 7

I still don’t understand how this little girl became this beautiful young woman…

a 8

But I am glad she did.

a 9

And I’m glad I got to help.


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