Okay, I swear these are the last photos of my daughter’s wedding… until we get the official ones…

a 1

I think that is my favorite photo that I took that day. I caught Jessica’s crinkly-nose smile of true joy… and Jason looks pretty happy too. But who doesn’t love a good swing?

a 2

Oh yeah!

a 3

And that is just her dancing dress!

a 4

A good picture of Jason’s brother, too.

a 5

I hope I can figure out how to get some of the wedding videos on the blog. My toast was a hit, as was the song that I danced with my daughter to, a song I made up and used to sing to her when she was little while she stood on my feet as we danced.

a 6

I cannot adequately tell you what a nice guy Jason is.

a 7

Jessica was a stunning bride.

a 8

My younger daughter, Mollie, is not bad looking either… nor is her boyfriend.

a 9

That is Mollie’s patented: ‘why did somebody hand me a screwdriver, I am only 18?’ face.

a 10

Jessica gave her sister a hard time. She told her it was rude to look better than the bride. Just so you know, Mollie did not try to show up the bride by looking more beautiful…

a 11

But I am pretty sure my mom did… HA! Not bad for someone who is sneaking up on 100-years-old.

a 12

I wish you could have been there. It was a magical day and night. The little light near the center is the full moon.

If you are a new follower, and you are only here because I tagged these photos as ‘fashion’ and ‘love’ and ‘style’ and things like that, you should know that this isn’t a fashion/love/style/wedding blog… oh no… I do weird stuff… so get ready for that.


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12 Responses to Okay, I swear these are the last photos of my daughter’s wedding… until we get the official ones…

  1. I guess I am getting the answer to my question about how the weddings make you feel.
    I can’t presume to fully know. Lucky you being able to preserve some of the memories this way. Glad for you, Art!!!

  2. julie says:

    Arthur! Your girls are simply stunning!! Very, very beautiful indeed! Congratulations to the bride and groom, actually, to the whole family! I love when you share pictures……

  3. MissKymmiee says:

    Oh My God… Jessica has to be the most beautiful Bride ever… And Don’t get me started on Mollie she is Gorgeous. You have very beautiful daughters and you are such a great dad… Best post yet ❤️

  4. Lucy Brazier says:

    Actually getting a little teary looking at these..! Beautiful!

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