Why yes, I did just drive through two states with big bags of white powder in my car…

a 1

Those are the big jumbo Ziploc bags… full of sugar. I am now at my daughter’s house in Arizona… yes, Jessica, the one that is getting married next week. I had to bring her the gifts she left at our house after the wedding shower, and then take home a bunch of stuff for the wedding. I will be here a few days, and I will try, as usual, to have some interesting adventures to share.

My first adventure involved those bags of sugar… left over from the failed attempt to make jars of orange marmalade for all the wedding guests. We burnt the first big batch, and called it quits, but we had most of a ten-pound bag of sugar left over. I decided to bring it to Jessica, but the paper bag it was in ripped. I thought it would be funny to drive through the Border Patrol checkpoints with big bags of white powder on the seat beside me, just to see what they would do.

Now, back in my long-hair days, I would not have tried this, but now that I am old and clean-cut, I didn’t even get guns pulled on me or anything. I must admit, I find this anonymity a little boring.


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