The lost photos… part 4…

a 1

I am still going through old file folders on our computers… for a thing I am doing… and I keep running across pictures of me… like this one, where I am all dressed up for another brother’s wedding.

a 2

Or that one, taken on my wife’s phone, presumably, when we were in Maui… on Maui?

a 3

Why was there a picture of me with my daughter, Jessica, in Paris, lost in our computer files? Who knows.

a 4

Me and my dad, years ago, at Christmas, getting silly with some nose masks. Maybe some of these pictures have shown up on the blog before, but that’s okay.

a 5

Well, that one was from our other daughter’s surprise 18th birthday trip to the animal sanctuary, just a few weeks ago, and I forgot to post it with the others.

a 6

Ummm… well… that is from a trip to Seattle years ago. My cousin and I… that is me on the right… are singing ‘The Hills Are Alive… with the sound of music’… on Mount Rainier… hey, don’t judge me.

a 7

Me, back in the late 80’s…

a 8

Same with that one.

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2 Responses to The lost photos… part 4…

  1. Al says:

    Looks like you are about to break into a chorus of Achy Breaky Heart

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