You get to meet Mollie… while she is meeting cute animals… part 2…

a 1

Oh yeah… armadillo!

a 2

Here are a few more of the animals we saw on our adventure to surprise Mollie on her 18th birthday. You can see Dashawn filming her for their new YouTube page, to which I stuck a link in an earlier post, and will I will,no doubt, do again.

a 3

Armadillos are awesome, and yes, that is as far as they can open up.

a 4

Did I mention that Mollie’s boyfriend made her wear a blindfold for the last twenty minutes of the drive to this place, just to make sure she was really surprised?

a 5

Also, I am saving the best pictures for the last posts, you know, like I do.

a 6

Because this snake is not the one that made Mollie cry with happiness when she met it.

a 7

Can you guess what animal might make a girl cry with joy?

a 8

No, just so you know, that isn’t lizard sex. That is a younger brother annoying his older sibling by grabbing his tail with his own tail. I have two younger brothers, and this made me laugh.

Here is a joke… sort of… that I made up:

What are the worst words a kid can hear during summer time?

“Why don’t you let your little brothers hang around with you and your friends today.”

a 9

Yeah, we saw parrots.

a 10

… and a really big tortoise…

a 11

… and some more parrots… but you really want to keep coming back for more of this… just sayin’…




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4 Responses to You get to meet Mollie… while she is meeting cute animals… part 2…

  1. Is it a sloth that made her cry?

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