I am no longer sure where America is heading…


When I was born, in 1960… yeah, I’m old, shut up… things in America were not all that great for minorities, females and the environment. And yet, as you look at the years since then, things have seemed to be, with a few minor dips, on the upswing. We have made real progress. And now we have president tRump.


All of a sudden, minorities are under threat, women have scant hope of being treated better, the environment is more or less under attack, and, despite all his pompous pronouncements about making America great again, the only people who seem to be heading for a better life are the filthy rich, oil and coal executives, racists, and people who like watching things fall apart because their life already sucks.


There is really only two ways to look at this new republican-run America. Either this is the last gasp of the dinosaurs before they go extinct, or this is the way things are going to be until we all drown or choke on toxic water and air. Either the republican party will topple and break apart due to its own ineptitude, and we try to repair the damage, or we will just watch one more society being tossed on the great garbage heap of history. So far, the numbers are not giving me much hope. The percentage of people who think tRump is actually doing a good job is… ummm… disheartening. People, he read a freekin’ speech off a teleprompter without ranting, he didn’t become presidential.


Now what, you might be asking yourself, do the pictures have to do with this post. Well, let me tell you. Back in my early teens, I did that piece of art, called ‘A Comedy Of Arrows’ It is an obvious play on the title of the play by the immortal bard, and it is also a thinly-veiled swing at the industrial military complex.The picture is ripe with symbolism, but what I thought was really clever about it was that it doesn’t have a top or bottom. It works facing any of the four directions. I was going to frame it, and then spin it around every day and see if anybody noticed. And I was going through old blog posts looking for cute pictures of Jessica and Jason for their wedding, and I needed a picture for this post, and since the tile has the word direction in it, I thought I would add it.

Mystery solved.


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11 Responses to I am no longer sure where America is heading…

  1. Nicole Roder says:

    I prefer to think it’s the last gasp of the dinosaurs. But I’m with you. The numbers don’t give me much hope. But…though his core supporters will most likely never wake up and realize they’ve been had (or at least they’ll never admit it) I think that everyone else, including the people who voted for him because he wasn’t Hillary, are smart enough to figure out the con. He’s got no idea what he’s doing. He will never make any kind of intelligent policy decisions. So he made one non-disastrous speech. That’s not going to continue. And even if it did, that won’t be enough to impress people if that’s all he’s got for 4 years. I’m no Nostradamus, but I think any American with half a brain will figure out his con before long.

  2. acflory says:

    Glass half full. Things will get better.

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